Corporate Responsibility

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What We Stand For

At Skyrise Real Estate Group, we are committed to becoming a leading real estate company specializing in protecting current and prospective home / property owners, conservation efforts and the environment, plus our respective communities.

We are focused on achieving this by taking actions in the present that will create a sustainable future, while continuing to comply with applicable legislative mandates and regulations.

From our vantage point, we feel the real estate marketplace is the tool to create wealth and resources that can be distributed back through the community to solve and profoundly impact the daily challenges that exist.

We are partnering with organizations that are striving to make a social impact in our communities and giving back proceeds that will support their efforts.

Through our Moving On Up social responsibility program, we are stimulating awareness in areas that provide a voice for a sustainable and healthy future.

We at Skyrise Real Estate Group believe that promoting ethical business practices and stimulating social responsibility, by focusing on social challenges as a community and team, can substantially improve the foundation that tomorrow will be built on.


Giving back is not a choice, but a social necessity.

Ray Martinez, CEO – Skyrise Real Estate Group

Areas Of Commitment

  • Equity: Donate 5% of the profits from all new business transactions and accounts to support nonprofit community organizations that support basic human needs (health and human services, education, economic development) and the environment.
  • Time: Partner with our employees to find ways to volunteer their time to nonprofit and community organizations providing vital health and human services, education environmental, economic development, and arts and culture programs and services they are passionate about.
  • Team: Actively work together with our company’s employees, co-workers, business partners, government officials, institutions of higher learning and respective communities to promote accountability and support health and human services, economic development, and education, while achieving our business goals.
  • Education: Host educational sessions for our employees and the community on topics that include: home ownership, property management, land development, conservation efforts, social responsibility, and mentoring.
  • Support: Support local universities and future executive benefit brokers by participating in internship and mentoring programs, tutorial workshops, and conferences.
  • Community: Encourage our employees to further invest in our communities by patronizing local businesses.

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